Bronsens is licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

The ICAEW requires all licensed firms to produce a bi-annual Organisational Diversity Survey and publish the results.

The below data are findings from the 2023 survey that was given to all Bronsens employees.

The firm employs staff from a broad range of age categories, with no dominant age group. Just over 20 per cent are aged between 45-54 which is also the same percentage for staff in the 55-64 age bracket. 12.5 per cent of staff are 65 and over, while eight per cent fall into the 16-24 age bracket.

Over 60 per cent of staff are female while just over 20 per cent identify as male. Just over fifteen per cent preferred not to reveal this information. 62.5 per cent of staff identified as heterosexual, while the remainder of the group preferred not to say.

83 per cent of staff do not believe themselves to have a disability under the Equality Act, however, eight per cent stated that their day-to-day activities are limited due to a health problem or disability which has lasted or is expected to last for 12 months.

Regarding nationality, just under 80 per cent of staff identified themselves as British. With religion, 41 per cent follow Christianity. A further 41 per cent of staff said they follow no religion.

When it came to socio-economic background, 20 per cent of staff went to university, and 80 per cent of these staff members were the first generation in their families to do so. 50 per cent of staff members gained qualifications that were A-Level or above.

In terms of social mobility, 75 per cent of staff came from households that received no income support. Eight per cent were entitled to free school meals.

With regards to caring responsibilities, just over 20 per cent of staff are primary carers for children under the age of 18, while nearly 30 per cent give help to friends or family members due to a disability or ill health/old age.